Since the organization’s inception in 2004, som|dog has been instrumental in bringing three dog parks to the City and advocating for off-leash recreation at surrounding DCR trails. The nonprofit was built as a grassroots effort to create positive change for Somerville's residents and canine companions, and while it remains headquartered and active in Somerville, the organization has expanded its efforts to the surrounding communities and the Greater Boston Area.



som|dog fosters relationships with officials, and follows news trends and legislation as they relate to dog ownership and effect city and state laws. As a 501(c)3, all contributions are tax deductible under 170 of the IRS code. This offers the organization the ability to solicit grants and donations to help bring free clinics, improve and maintain existing dog parks, and bring outreach to our dog loving community.



som|dog events focus on bringing healthy and unique opportunities to dog owners and dog lovers of every kind. som|dog follows the principle of Least Restrictive Behavior Intervention (LRBI), which also sums up our local trainers methodology, as we bring behaviorists and experts along with their best practices to both our events and free education clinics.



som|dog is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting all aspects of responsible dog ownership throughout the City of Somerville and beyond. From education to training, civic respect and safety, som|dog works to partner with the City as well as like-minded canine organizations and businesses to create a strong community of dog owners. som|dog’s goal is to serve as a resource for the community, be a liaison for the City and ensure off-leash recreation and open space for all.


The Pack

The all-volunteer som|dog board is a group effort. The board of directors and advisors are leaders in various fields and bring a myriad of professional experience to the cause. som|dog is also supported by volunteers and committee members to help launch programs and bring the community together. som|dog will work to expand its membership base and involvement through social events, fundraisers and volunteer opportunities. The organization also offers a fun atmosphere for members to bond together through the love of their furry sidekicks.