Who are som|dog members?

som|dog members are responsible dog owners from Somerville and the surrounding cities. We take care of our community, our parks and our canines. We work together to solve issues, collaborate with the City and share valuable knowledge and resources to make the community a better place for canines and their companions.

What does my som|dog membership do for me?

som|dog members will receive discounts to local businesses, partnering restaurants and at upcoming events hosted by the organization.

See a list of supporting businesses and discounts.

Where does the money go?

Your yearly membership fee will help support som|dog’s initiatives which include the creation, restoration and maintenance of local parks, supporting local animal control, bringing training clinics to the community and much more.

Want to become a som|dog member or need more information?

Please contact som|dog’s membership director, Meaghan Flaherty – [email protected].